Learn through your experiences and you’ll never fail

Learn through your experiences and you’ll never fail

Hey everyone, let’s chat about putting yourself out there and putting yourself in situations to learn.

After my ~short~ blogging break, I thought that this would be the perfect post to share. I want to talk about putting your mind to something, and how to gain motivation through putting yourself in the experience. That might sounds a little complicated. Let me just say, I’ve put myself in a few situations recently where I didn’t know (or still don’t know) what the outcome was going to be. Each situation is very different from the other, but I have gained at least something from just putting myself in that situation.

By that, I mean that even if the situation doesn’t end in my favour, it will still teach me a lesson that I need to learn, or was bound to learn at some point. I would say, by failing or by winning, but that is not really what it is. Either way, you are gaining something, whether that be the reward, the experience, the values or attitudes, or just the knowledge of what to do next time. When the situation goes your way, you celebrate or congratulate yourself on the achievement. But when you “fail” you tell yourself that you didn’t deserve it or that you didn’t try hard enough. But seriously, you didn’t actually fail.

Something that i’ve been trying to keep in mind is that, no matter the outcome, you always win. You win a new value or experience, just like I said before. It teaches you resilience and perseverance. It’s awesome for your self confidence and you can gain great understanding of yourself.

Next time you miss out on something or you don’t get what you want, remember this: there will always a better opportunity for you to get what you desire. I saw this quote on @quotesbychristie ‘s instagram.

“I’m so happy that I didn’t get what I thought I wanted.”

I think that is just so cool to think about. Your desires change and so does your mindset. Like a trend or a craving, you can’t count on the fact that you will always get what you want. But through one way or another, what you need will be given to you, and you just need to trust that.

Until next time, Jorja Rose x

5 thoughts on “Learn through your experiences and you’ll never fail

  1. I think as people we have a tendency to romanticise the little things. It’s how we make life beautiful, find our place and celebrate all goodness and success. It’s also a way of looking through rose gold glasses and refusing to see situations as they are because we wish they weren’t so. We should always be willing to let what isn’t for us pass by because it means much better more fitting things are on the horizon! x

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