What is Feminism and how you can help

What is Feminism and how you can help

What is it? Feminism is a ‘political ideology’ that is defined as the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Further more, it is a movement that focuses on empowering women and girls in the aim of creating equality and deconstructing harmful themes that includes oppression, stereotypes, patriarchy and other issues that affect women. Feminism has many degrees and depends on each persons beliefs and values. Generally, feminism is not specifically targeted at overthowing and harming men, although, it does recognise the harm that has been caused by all parties thoughout history and in present day.

Who are feminists? Feminist are not just females. They can be anyone! You don’t have to have a specific title to be a feminist. You can be any age and you can define what feminism means to you.

What is the negative stigma around feminism? When the word “feminism” is said, some people shudder or feel uncomfortable. Why is this? There are many reasons. One of the main reasons is that people are not educated on feminism, what it means and how it affects them. This can cause people to have incorrect or misinterpreted definitions of what the word and the movement means. Another reason is that they may have heard things about feminism that gives it a bad reputation. This can be found in the media, in your friends and family or even in common beliefs found in society. It is important to correctly educate yourself to make informed decisions and interpretations.

How can I help? Sometimes it can be tricky to take a stand against people who don’t agree or disrespect feminism. Even still, there are many ways to help. You can attend protest happening in your area with your friends or family. If you don’t like this idea, following social media accounts and sharing them with others is a good way to share the movement with people who might not understand it. Educating yourself and others is the biggest way to help. Try talking to other about it or read articles online. Remember, you can never be too young to start helping others learn about world issues that affect them and yourself.

Thanks for reading! I hope your learned something and I have inspired you to take action!

Until next time, Jorja Rose x


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