Easy ways to create your dream bedroom

Easy ways to create your dream bedroom

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share some awesome ways to add a bit of flair to your room and create your dream bedroom in an easy and inexpensive way. I’ve got the complete list here for you, enjoy!

Before you start…

What kind of theme do you want? There are many themes that can fit to your room size/location, personality or budget. Here are a few themes you might want to explore:

  • Colour theme, such as blue and white, pink and gold ect.
  • Parisian, glamorous and fancy which you can include faux fur carpets, black and white wall art and lots of sparkles
  • Beachy, lots of blues and whites
  • Boho, mandela tapastry, colourful bedsheets and hanging lanterns
  • And many more! A good tip is to use Pinterest and other social media to gain inspiration.


Lamps and fairy lights are such great ways to add a glam touch to your room for only a small amount. Even better, you can find them almost anywhere, online, in-store or at an op-shop. You could even find fairy lights at a hardwear store.

Bed covers, blankets and cushions

Play with different colours and textures and you can create an awesome focal point of your room. Even just adding a few cushions or a throw blanket op top of white covers is an easy way to add uniqueness to your bed.


No matter what floor you have, a carpet can totally change the feel and size of a room. You can find colourful ones or even just plain ones to add different textures and length to your floor! Some carpets can be pretty pricy, but you can find a range of different ones online or in different stores.

Wall art

This is one of my favourite ways to spice up your walls. Totally different prints can be found online for free that can perfectly suit your vibe. You can look up ones that you can print at home or look on Etsy for collage kits. Alternatively, you can create your own prints DIY style by painting or drawing what ever you like. Another idea is to get photots you like and stick them on your wall or in picture frames.


Bookshelves and bedside tables are the perfect space to add a few objects that bring you joy. Try anything that you like, for example, I have a few plants, a Himalayan salt rock, piggy bank, jewellery boxes, books, perfume, makeup and even an essential oil diffuser that are eached placed in different spots around my room. The best thing about knick-knacks is that they can be really cheap and you probably already have stuff in your house that could fit well in your bedroom!


Many benefits come from having plants in your bedroom! Not only are they a lovely way to add life to your room, they are super easy to take care of. Just head to your hardware store or nursery and ask for good bedroom plants that don’t require much sunlight. Succulents are a favourite for bedrooms as they don’t need much water or light. If you don’t want real plants in your room, you could try fake plants that are just as cute and inexpensive.

That’s it! Thank you for reading! If you want more inspiration, check out my Pinterest board for more (link somewhere below or to the top right of my site).

Until next time, Jorja Rose x

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