Designer Lirika Matoshi and her dreamy dresses

Designer Lirika Matoshi and her dreamy dresses

You’ve seen it on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and TikTok. The strawberry dress that has been taking over everyone’s feed is a piece by independent designer Lirika Matoshi. The Russian designer creates pieces inspired by starry night skies to ladybugs sitting on flowers. So dreamy!

Here’s some of my favourite pieces by Lirika:

The Strawberry Midi Dress is one of my favourite pieces. I can imagine having a fancy dress party in a park wearing this. The strawberries are the absolute cutest and I’m in love with the fit of the dress. The sleeves and the ties at the chest give me cottage core – princess vibes! And the gorgeous blush colour is stunning paired with the sparkly red and green of the strawberries.

The Clouds Knit Sweater

Dreams Come True Dress

Pink Sky Midi Dress. This is THE dress that I wish I could own. My dream dress is something pink with lots of colour, and of course, stars. How about the velvet dress straps? So so dreamy.

Rainbow Satin Top

Girl Dream Collection. This collection is nothing but bold and colourful. Pom poms and frills never looked better!

Lirikas’ brand is 100% women run in New York and a Kosovo factory which her and her fashion designer sisters created from scratch. Lirika moved to New York with no formal fashion school education and was even rejected by the Fashion Institute of Technology. But she gained popularity through her Esty store where she created handmade chokers. After expanding to beautiful hand created fishnet stockings, she eventually started her brand and is now gaining more popularity and attention. You can find Lirikas’ website here:

Until next time, Jorja Rose x

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