Instagram and activism – How to use social media to support movements

Instagram and activism – How to use social media to support movements

Have you noticed that the media has slowed its cover on the Black Lives Matter protests, even though they are still occurring all over the world? Take a moment to consider why that might be. Every day, more news is broadcasted and more issues hit our screens. It’s not that the issues that are not being broadcasted or talked about are unimportant – because they most definitely are – but the media can’t cover the same stories everynight, no matter how relevant or powerful they are. Despite this, we all still want to keep up with these topics and know what’s going on with the movements that are changing our world. That’s why it’s up to us – Gen Z – to research and spread awareness on the news that is so very relevant to us.

Social media is Gen Z’s biggest platform. Why not use it to our advantage to engage with each other and create our own news? Spreading awareness on issues that we are passionate about has never been easier, so it’s up to us to create our own media when it’s not showing us what we want to see.

How to use online platforms to educate yourself and others

Social media is an amazing tool to that you can use to educate yourself and others. It’s free, it’s at our fingertips and it’s the best way to spread awareness to others about issues that you are passionate about.

Here’s what to do:

  • Follow hashtags, accounts and activists.

Following accounts or hashtags that posts about activism is a good way to ensure that you always have educational posts coming through your feed. Accounts such as @soyouwanttotalkabout or @whydontwediscuss are just a couple of the many Instagram accounts that share educational posts on issues such as white privilege, american politics, feminist empowerment and issues of environmental concerns. You can also follow activists such as @ijeomaoluo and @gretathunberg that empower change towards racism and climate crisis issues. In addition, follow hashtags for the most popular posts under that tag to see what is happening with that movement.

  • Create and share

Another thing that you can do is to make your own educational posts and share them with others. You can share it to your story, re-post it or send it to your friends. If you’re really interested in it, why not create your own activism account? Grab a few friends and away you go! Research the topic and gather the facts. Consider what you want to share and make sure that you supply your followers with acurate infomation and lots of inspiration.

  • Engage, engage, engage

Like, comment, tag others. This is the best way to support activism accounts. Engage with their message and help them grow so that they can spread more awareness. Tagging friends can help them tag their friends, having a carry on effect that will hopefully reach

  • Blogs and teen activist run websites

One of my favourite teen run media websites is Affinity Magazine ( . This is a website that writes about politics, race and LGBTQ+ activism, feminism, mental health and other issues that we are usually not exposed to enough on mainstream media. The best thing about it is that it’s run by teens. How cool is that? I would definitely recommend checking out this website!

Gen Z is the generation of innovation and activism. By using the tools we have, we can fight by educating ourselves and supporting the issues that matter. Inspire your friends, discuss how you can fight it and encourage each other to support a cause that means something to you.

Until next time, Jorja x

7 thoughts on “Instagram and activism – How to use social media to support movements

  1. This is such an important post! We’ve all-somewhere along the way-witnessed the downsides that come with social media and it is so pivotal that we regain that power over something so influential and use it for good! Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Such a brilliant and important post Jorja! Thank you for continuing to cover this topic. Another great activism website for teens and young adults is Make Muse. I collaborated with them a while back and got to learn more about significant political and current world issue content they share. They also talk about everyday things and cover lifestyle content so it’s nice to have it all in the one place.

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