The Passion Project: Part One

The Passion Project: Part One

Have you ever had a hobby, activity, idea, or job that you found yourself really enthusiastic about, and as a privilege rather than a boring task? It could be a sport like surfing or basketball, an artistic activity like embroidery and jewellery making, or even something creative, like writing and singing. You may not know it, but it could actually be your passion!

Wether you already have a passion or are looking to find yours, I’ve created this project to help you and to discover more passions of my own! In this series of blog posts, I’m going to write about how to find your passion and ideas of what it might be, how to put it into practice and some reasons to find your passion. I’ve also had the help of some of my beautiful blogger friends, who are also teenagers who love sharing their passions!

Why should you find your passion?

In the past, I never really new what my passion actually was. I used to wonder if I even had one! I didn’t really enjoy sports and usually spent most of my time watching tv, listening to music and hanging out with friends. It wasn’t until I sought out what my passion was that I found it. That’s when I discovered my passion for writing and journalism, environmental advocacy, leadership and change-making. But the cool thing is, I still have more to discover! And you do too.

There are HEAPS of reasons why you should find your passion. But I’ve listed the main few that I think will help the most.

  1. It gives you something to get better at

Whenever you want to relax and take your mind off of something, you can practice your passion. If you’re bored and feel like you’ve got nothing to do, practice your passion. When you’ve had a rough day, take some time to just chill and practice. What I’m saying is, a passion is something that you can practice and practice and practice, and actually WANT to practice it. It gives you the chance to spend time working towards something that you want to do and love to do.

2. Heaps of fulfilling benefits

Having a passion can have heaps and heaps of benefits. You can gain knowledge and skill in the area that you practice. You can also gain attitudes and values that come with practicing something, such as discipline and focus. It could also boost your confidence and help you learn and discover other passions.

3. It could lead to a career or earn you money

Every great athlete, singer, business woman or artist had to start somewhere. Wether you have it as a side project just for fun, to make some extra cash or to pursue it for your career, the best time to start is right now! If you enjoy making jewellery, sell it online or at your local markets, you could start you’re own business! Are you awesome at a particular sport? Referee for a community sport team or offer lessons. You never know when an opportunity will come to you!

4. You can meet others and form connections

Something that I’ve loved is meeting other teen bloggers! The community on here is so welcoming and inspiring. I love chatting to other girls about what they’re up to and motivating each other to write and produce awesome content. From inspiring comments on the latest post to support groups, it’s easy and so so fun to meet others who have the same passion as you! You can join a school or local club, interact online or create a group for people to meet. You can make some awesome friends just by sharing an interest in the same thing.

5. You can use your passion to help others

Volunteering your time to help other learn or to spread positivity is something that is rewarding on a whole other level. You can dedicate time to inspire and teach others, wether it be friends or strangers. Sophie, the writer of The Teen View blog and my very own blogger friend, explained that she uses her passion to teach younger kids to dance. She said that it is rewarding to see how she can help others just by following her passion.

“My passion is dance, I got into dance when I was 3 because all I would do around the house was dance all day and have music playing all the time so my parents knew that it was definitely something I would enjoy. I started at my local studio and haven’t stopped since. I compete at regional and national levels and it’s something I truly love. I use this passion to help others as I volunteer at my studio to help young kids learn how to dance also. This is a super rewarding experience to see them grow as dancers and people. Dance has given me a voice within a huge community that allows me to spread positivity and be the best version of myself.” – Sophie Yates, @theteenveiwsblogs

“My passion is blogging and I have been doing it for 2 years although only last week I just started my new WordPress blog! I got into blogging because I remember my English teacher told me once she marked my “day in a life” article for school that she thought I should give it a try! I wasn’t so sure and never really acted on what she told me until a friend and me decided that we should both start blogs. I was overwhelmed by how big the blogging community is as it is really hard to get recognition as a small blogger and even now! But the community is also so welcoming and I have made many great friends online. I use blogging in several different ways, not only to share blogs about my life e.g q&as but I recently posted on Instagram to spread awareness for pride month – it was a collab with several other girls. And I also have a blog on bullying which I shared for world bullying week which I hope will help some people. My main niche is travel but as well I like to share Instagram Blogs on how to grow on Instagram to also help others and recently I started the idea of the “blogs club” on my website which I am super excited about and should hopefully help others! – Beth Lucy, @bethlucyblogs

“My passion is writing. Ever since I was a small child, I’ve always loved reading and therefore writing. When I grew up I realized that I was actually good at it, and it became my passion. Writing is basically putting what you feel on paper, so I think it helps other to know that they’re not the only ones feeling a certain way. I also try to raise awareness about various issues in the world.”Adena, @adenadanvers.teenblog

There you go! I hope you enjoyed part one of The Passion Project. And I also hope that I’ve inspired you to find your passion.

In part two, we will talk about how to find your passion and ideas of what it might be. Follow me on instagram at @jorja.journal and on pinterest or spotify for more!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. hey jorja! recently found your blog and this post is very inspiring! i just started getting into my passion for writing and hope to continue it! thanks for the wise words 🙂

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